About SilverstepEdit

Silverstep is a kind, yet strict american shorthair.

He was born in LC and will stay loyal to his Clan.


A dusky, ashen, silver tabby. He is well know for his striking emerald yellowish eyes.

Out Of Roleplay InformationEdit

He is just a calm, soothing tom looking to protect his clan.


Trait 1:

Strict, he is very serious. He can be kinda silly at times though.

Trait 2:

Kind, Silverstep is very kind, and tries to end fights. He is still very battle friendly, watch out!

Trait 3:

Soothing, he can usually calm aggro cats, and try to make them rethink their actions.

Trait 4:

Protective, he will give his life to protect his clan. For the clan depends on the help of warriors.

Trait 5:

Proud, Silverstep is very proud. He will make sure every clan knows Lavenderclan is strong, and worthy.