I am sorry for doing this, and I know I haven't been active at all, but this is my farewell. ​Hello. Pumpkinkit here. I want to inform you all that I am quitting LavenderClan.


​1) I'm extremely inactive, and my computer is extremely glitchy at the moment.

​2) I have the constant temptation to double-clan, which is why I converted myself to roleplayer to normal jammer.

​3) I have the temptation to start my own clan, which is also double clanning.

​4) I always miss clan times.

​5) Everytime Swiftstar is on, she is normally decorating a den for the clan or something else, making me unable to roleplay with her. No offense, Swiftstar.

​6) I've been extremely lonely lately, not to mention, laggy.

​Those are the reaosns.

​Now, onto this short summary of sorryness.

​I am Pumpkinkit, a young one of LavenderClan.

​Now it is time for me to leave.

​I have been rejected lately.

​I'm not that much of a threat.

​But now it is time for me to go, me to go.

​I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

​I really didn't want to do this.

​I'm trying to say this in the.. Sweetest way possible..

​and it's.. sad for me to leave..

​and now, i'll become a loner again..

​I'm sorry, ever so sorry.

​I'm sorry Swiftstar.

​I'm sorry Primrosekit.

​I'm sorry Nightstorm.

​I'm sorry Bluepaw/tide.

​I'm sorry Amberstream.

​I'm sorry Freshsnow.

​I'm sorry Cresentkit.

​I'm sorry Moonkit.

​I'm sorry Fawnkit.

​I'm sorry Pebbleleaf.

​I'm sorry Rosepetal.

​I'm sorry Echosong.

​I'm sorry Silverslip.

​I'm sorry Rowanberry.

​I'm sorry LavenderClan.

​I'm so sorry I'm leaving you.

​This is the worst thing I could do.

​I'm so, so sorry..

​Your beauty, your wonderfulness..

​I'm now turning my back to it..

​I'm.. so.. sorry...

​and I'll be missing you back.

​Again, I am seriously sorry for leaving LavenderClan.

​May BeeClan... Light your pawsteps.. LavenderClan..

​__A very sad Pumpkinkit__

Quotes Edit

"Pumpkins are beautiful sightings. They are orange, they are green, and unique in shape. I don't only respect bees and lavender fields. I respect the pumpkins."

"I used to be Pumpkin Field."

"Pumpkins are lovely. For one day, I will be Pumpkinstar and rule over PumpkinClan."

Sayings Edit

"Maybe my clan should be a tribe."

"The Tribe of the Pumpkin Patches is a good name. Possibly... The Tribe of the Pumpkin Patch?"


Random sayings/quotes Edit

"h0t leg. h0t h0t leg. s0 h0t u can c00k and eg.


"Makl me a warior Swickbar" -Pumpkinkit talking like the animation of Starkit's Poophecy by Moonkitti.

Farewell comment (above) Edit