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Cherrypine is a small, chubby, female Ragdoll she-cat with a fluffy dark brown/gray and cream tortoiseshell pelt and white undercoat, muzzle and paws. She has wide lime eyes, which is usually why many other cats call her wide-eyes or wide-eyed as an insult or just a general nickname. She has a slightly short tail and the tip of her right ear is slightly flopped from birth.


She loves nature and anything to do with it, and she loves to meet new clan members and tends to talk a lot. Can get quite annoying at times during a conversation.

Her traits are listed below:

Good Trait 1

Kind- Cherrypine is known to be a very lovable she-cat an she tends to be a quite motherly figure, especially around kits or young apprentices. She is helpful and doesn't expect ANYTHING in her return.

Good Trait 2
Cherrypine 2


Curious- Ever since she was a kit, Cherrypine has always been a curious lump of fur, she usually just sits around eating rabbits all day, but when she's really in the mood to go searching - her curiosity overcomes her.

Good Trait 3

Respectful- She is very respectful towards her leader and any other high ranks, she listens to everything they expect her to do and she does it. She also respects the younger ones, the queens and the elders, because everybody needs respect and love, don't they?

Good Trait 4

Loyal- Cherrypine will forever remain loyal to her clan and her mate, because that's what a true warrior is. She will never get a new mate, even if her current one dies or leaves the clan. Wherever her mate goes, she will follow. Wherever her clan goes, she will follow.

Good Trait 5


Lazy- yes, this is a good trait.

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Chibi Cherrypine2

Chibi Cherrypine by FinchyArtsie.

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